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Wedding Rings and Bridal Crown

About Fête Productions


Fête Productions is a full service event planning, coordination, and design company  that creates magnificent weddings and events for our clients. No event is alike, we tailor our approach to fit each couple just right.

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our philosophy

At Fête Productions, we believe each couple is so unique. And so is your love story. We tailor our approach and packages to each couple to fit your budget and vision. We are in your corner. Looking out for your best interest in every way possible. From contracts to that pushy Mother-in-Law to be, we have your back.

The event design doesn't just cover the creative aspect of your wedding day. It is carefully putting all the moving pieces together to "design" a successful and memorable event. 

We want you to enjoy the process. Enjoy your engagement, be as hands on as you would like (or kick your feet up and sip your favorite sauv-blanc while we do the work). Wedding planning can be FUN! You have tastings to enjoy, Pinterest Boards to build, wedding dress shopping to do, oh, and the Bachelorette party! Or maybe making a 26 page timeline and editing floor plans is your cup of tea... if that's true, we're probably soul mates and should run away together!

We want to get to know you so you feel like you are planning you wedding with a close friend. The hardest part of this process is saying good bye! After a year of planning, countless emails, phone calls, and texts, you are bound to get close to your planner. We balance that professional and personal line so you feel totally comfortable and taken care of. 


Finally, we believe most importantly that it is our job to take care of every last detail so you can be focused on enjoying your wedding day. We will find what is important to you and make sure that happens exactly how you envisioned. We want you to eat the food you have been day dreaming about since your food tasting, take in the look of the room that you built from your Pinterest Board, and dance the night away. We will take care of the rest. This is your day, enjoy it fully.

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